eNewsletters Increase Physician Engagement 

A new study conducted by Physicians Interactive® concluded that targeted e-mail newsletters increase physician engagement with pharmaceutical programs when used in conjunction with program-specific e-mail invitations.

In one of the largest industry analyses of physician e-mail behavior, PI reviewed the responses of 90,000 physicians over a period of 5 months in 2008. Physicians received a monthly e-mail-based newsletter that focused on industry-related news and interactive content. Content was personalized and targeted based on variables established by PI.


Newsletter drove 20% additional engagement to programs over e-mail alone

E-mail-based newsletters, when used in conjunction with program-specific invitations drove an additional 25%* of eligible physicians to engage in interactive programs over program-specific invitations alone.

Newsletter increased reach to low-responsive physicians

The newsletter drove increased engagement among physicians with a low likelihood to respond to program-specific invitations.

Initial Newsletter sends showed consistent trends over time

Open rates averaged 22% of the delivered e-mails, while click rates were steady at 23%. Typical program-specific e-mails generate similar rates for the initial send, but decrease steadily as frequency increases (aggregate open rate for program-specific e-mail is 16%, click rate is 9%).

Repeat sends of the same newsletter to non-responders increased engagement

Open and click rate performances increase after a repeat send of the same newsletter provided to physicians who did not initially respond. The second e-mail averaged a 10% open rate and 29% click rate (a 6% increase over the initial newsletter).


Creating the right newsletter approach, setting the best delivery frequency, and aligning the value-added content via an editorial content calendar is critical to establishing newsletter value to clinicians. According to Manhattan Research**, 72% or physicians report using e-mail daily for professional reasons and 22% report reading 5 or more e-mail newsletters on a regular basis.*

To learn more about how eNewsletter marketing campaigns can help your brand today, please contact Physicians Interactive at 800-794-6757 or

*Physicians Interactive, Newsletter Marketing Analysis, December 2008

**Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse V8

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