Digital Marketing

Mobile Media PlatformA Full Menu of Digital Marketing Tactics — Physicians Interactive designs behavior-based, integrated campaign strategies with the right blend of tactics. Tried-and-true formats mingle with innovative new ideas for a mix of creative that’s always true to your brand message, credible to your audience, and mindful of your targets’ behavior patterns.

Mobile Media Platform

Mobile Media PlatformReaching Physicians via Mobile — Physicians Interactive now offers a mobile media platform that helps you engage physicians. This trusted physicians resource is available through our Omnio app and is uniquely designed to help you build brand awareness, engage with physicians on their terms, and ensure you build a long term relationship that extends well beyond each encounter with your physicians.


eSamplingProviding Drug Samples Online — eSampling can help you achieve broader, deeper, and faster market penetration, while providing comprehensive sampling solutions throughout all stages of a product’s life cycle. Our solutions integrate and support your field sales efforts seamlessly, utilizing our unique eSampling™ service that includes a proprietary Web-based platform, our channel network of health care professional Web site partners, and our physician notification services and information services.

Data Analytics

Data AnalyticsThe Impact of Data Analytics — With its set of proprietary tools and methodologies, Physicians Interactive analyzes each client’s target list, optimizes it for peak performance, and identifies untapped market segments.

Campaign Development and Management

Campaign DevelopmentDeveloping your Campaign — Physicians Interactive listens to your brand objectives and delivers a focused campaign strategy. Our Direct Marketing team includes direct response, marketing, creative and analytics professionals that have innovative ways to deliver your message to your target audience. Strategies to convey your message include but are not limited to: email, direct mail, interactive programs, interstitial marketing, customer service interaction, and program drop off recruiting.

Managing the Campaign — Physicians Interactive manages your campaign from concept to close. Initial strategy and channel optimization is tracked after launch and adjusted as needed for maximum effect. A myriad of reporting options allow transparency for judging overall campaign performance and effectiveness.

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