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Traditional sales efforts used in conjunction with an interactive marketing program, like eDetailing, increases the value of in-person sales visits.

There are four ways Physicians Interactive programs can initiate physician sales force integration, including:

  • Sales Force Notification — We can notify your sales representatives each time a physician in his or her territory completes an eDetail. This information helps your sales force access difficult-to-reach physicians and enables them to initiate a more meaningful and customized follow-up discussion.
  • Physicians Interactive has determined that approximately 40% of physicians request representative follow-up and an estimated 60% request samples. In addition, approximately 70% of physicians complete our programs outside of regular representative hours, thus complementing, not competing with your sales force.
  • Use the eDetail as a training tool — By viewing each program, sales representatives will become familiar with the content in the event that one of their physicians should ask questions. In addition, viewing the programs has an added benefit of reinforcing the key messages you want your sales force to deliver.
  • Sales Rep Notification Cards — Your sales force can drop off a postcard notification to “no-see” or other important targets that highlight the program and educational item offered. Utilizing your sales force to invite physicians to the programs allows for more exposure and will further reinforce recruiting success. Often, the cards provide an opportunity for the sales representatives to help the physician complete the program on-site.
  • RepAssist™ — gives Brand Managers the ability to arm their sales force with premium content that will drive multiple sales calls with their physicians. Not only will RepAssist™ open the doors to more physicians, it also ensures repeat visits as part of the plan.

An interactive program can open doors for your sales force, extending your reach beyond the doctor’s waiting room.

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