Physicians Interactive’s (PI) objective is to integrate seamlessly with the overall commercial model of our pharmaceutical clients and the physicians they wish to serve through digital Sampling, or eSample™. And that’s precisely what our eSample™ service is designed to do by way of PI’s eSample platform.

Our unique eSample service is fast and free to the physician practice. The eSample™ service starts with the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Sponsoring pharmaceutical manufacturers can supply selected physicians with drug samples in any desired form, dosage, and quantity. The pharmaceutical manufacturer chooses the brands, eligible physicians, and business rules that are managed by a proprietary, secure, and validated the eSample™ platform. Among its many features, the platform enables eligible users to request samples, access certain drug and prescribing information, and check the status of their sample requests.


Connect Samples with your Target Audience – Effectively and Reliably
mSamples has joined PI’s wealth of mobile solutions, bringing healthcare providers (HCPs) the power to refill their mSample closets online and on their mobile device.

Leveraging the eSample™, this mobile enhanced-website allows HCPs to conveniently sign for their sample requests using their mobile device’s touch screen, eliminating the need to submit a fax to complete the request.


Differentiate your brand from the rest
Deliver customized, valuable product messages right when prescribers need it most. With this interstitial messaging system from Physicians Interactive, QuickSpot™ strategically positions your customized, branded content as part of the electronic sample (eSample™) request process.

Channel Network

Physicians access the mSample service via any of our network of business partner Web sites routinely used by health care professionals. Eligible prescribers are provided a link that will direct them to the mSample registration process or to their own Online Sample Source™.

Upon the completion of a one-time registration, physicians can access their personalized online sample supply page and request the samples any pharmaceutical company has made available to them. Sample requests are generated in a PDMA- and Part 11-compliant manner and are then transmitted directly to the pharmaceutical company’s sample fulfillment warehouse. From there, requested samples are shipped safely and securely, and delivered directly to the physician’s designated office location.

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