With eSample™ solutions, a pharmaceutical
marketer can:

  • Service the “uncovered.” Certain physicians often go uncovered because there is no cost-effective way to reach or service them via the traditional sales force, or traditional sample services are simply cost-prohibitive. Our service has the scalable means to reach the previously “uncovered” physician—no matter where the practice is located or what its size.
  • Maintain sampling among the “lost coverage” group of physicians. Today, the pharmaceutical industry is faced with the challenge of doing more with less. Brands have been forced to either significantly reduce (growth brands) or eliminate (mature brands) detailing coverage as a result of corporate sales force downsizing. Without sales coverage, sample distribution can be significantly curtailed. When sales coverage is reduced, online sampling helps protect loyalty and share of writing by maintaining consistent sample supply.
  • Access “no-sees.” It’s getting harder and harder for a doctor to spend time with sales representatives for many reasons including policy decisions restricting access, “sales fatigue” and physicians’ preference to use the Internet for information and services. But these “no-see” physicians still value samples and need them to deliver quality patient care. With online samples available anytime, there is finally a way to cost-effectively service these “no-sees.”
  • Quickly reach the broadest group of motivated physicians. Achieving awareness and prescribing goals as quickly as possible can be challenging. Many physicians won’t prescribe a new product—or a new indication of a mature product—until samples are available, which may be months after launch. With our service, your company can reach motivated physicians during the high education and awareness-building launch period and samples can be delivered with physician dosage guides and relevant educational materials.
  • Maintain share of prescribing among the “hard-to-see.” Sometimes inconsistent sample supplies lead to “sample shortages” that open the door for trial of competing drugs. With our service, your company can offer “hard-to-see” physicians with a convenient, self-service means to maintain an adequate and consistent sample supply.
  • Free up detailing capacity among loyal physicians. With our service, your company can increase sales force coverage capacity by servicing loyal, low-maintenance, sample-driven physicians who would benefit from the convenience and consistency of our online sampling solutions.
  • Operationalize sample optimization to reduce waste. eSample™ is the first sampling method that operationalizes a brand’s sample optimization strategy by controlling sampling allocation and access at a physician-specific level. By matching sample allotment to the physician’s patient and prescribing volume, ineffective use of samples can be reduced.
  • Improve eDetailing response rates for maximum educational impact. Instead of functioning as mutually exclusive services, eSample™ allows eDetailing and eSampling to work together to close the loop from education through sampling to prescribing.

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