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Physicians access the eSample™ service via any of our network of business partner Web sites routinely used by health care professionals. Eligible prescribers are provided a link that will direct them to the eSample™ registration process.

Upon the completion of a one-time registration, physicians can access their personalized online sample supply page and request the samples any pharmaceutical company has made available to them. Sample requests are generated in a PDMA- and Part 11-compliant manner and are then transmitted directly to the pharmaceutical company’s sample fulfillment warehouse. From there, requested samples are shipped safely and securely, and delivered directly to the physician’s designated office location.

Should your company want its own online sample service, we can build and operate a unique eSample™ portal for one or more pharma-specific brands.

Regardless of whether physicians access your samples through your own sampling portal and/or via our channel network of health care professional Web sites, the platform controls the sample allocation across all channels, thereby ensuring sample optimization.

As part of every program we implement, we provide our clients with a vast array of information services designed to monitor and enhance the performance and ROI of their program. By utilizing the intelligence of our proprietary Web-based platform, we can effectively measure which channels your physicians are utilizing most often to reach their online sample closet, which products are being requested most often, which physicians prefer live samples over vouchers, and which recruiting tactics are performing better than others on an individual physician basis. With this information, we can enhance the effectiveness of your program and ensure physicians are being communicated to in the way they desire to reach your ROI and program goals.

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