Deliver eSamples through the largest channel distribution network on the market

Physicians Interactive (PI), the industry leader for eSampling services for prescribers in the U.S., presents eSample™, the first-ever patented medication Sampling solution. Utilizing the full power of our unique channel distribution network of healthcare partners, PI offers secure, convenient access to more than 80 brand-name medications.

Intelligently expand your sample reach to prescribers nationwide
PI’s technology allows pharmaceutical companies to offer direct, 24-hour access to the broadest selection of medication samples. At any time, in any location, you can now reach the prescribers you need —even if they are in geographically challenging spots or if they have limited time to meet with your sales representatives.

Secure for your brand, easy for your prescribers
Prescribers instantly send electronic sample requests to the sample fulfillment partner of your choice, significantly reducing the number of wasted or outdated samples. Advanced reporting and metrics ensure that your prescribers get the information and samples they need, when they need it.

  • A single resource for your physicians, tailored to fit their needs:
  • Secure, PDMA and Part 11 regulatory-compliant electronic drug sampling platform
  • The first-ever patent-protected medication eSampling platform, demonstrating PI’s innovative eSampling technology
  • Advanced reporting capabilities and business intelligence so you know more about what your prescribing physicians need
  • Align your brand with the largest network of healthcare partners on the market

For more information regarding  our eSample™ solutions with Physicians Interactive, contact 800-794-6757 or email

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