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Keep your targeted HCPs looped in to your key messages—anytime, anywhere—from their mobile device. The daily workflow of more and more healthcare professionals (HCPs) has migrated to their mobile devices. At the same time, HCPs have become more challenging to reach through traditional channels. Now is the time to reach them in the space where they are working—on their mobile device!

MedAlert Pro™

Traditional marketing approaches only reach physicians when they’re in the office at their desks. So how do you reach them when most of their time is spent in front of patients or in the hallways between them? PI gives physicians “on-the-go” access to their most trusted Medical Library titles and valued resources via their mobile devices. Now we can put those same mobile media applications to work for your brand.


Transform your engagement of clinicians through an innovative point-of-care app. Omnio™, our exciting new point-of-care app, allows clinicians to get drug information, research news and conditions, perform medical calculations, and more, all in one customizable experience.


Connect Samples with your Target Audience – Effectively and Reliably Samples on Demand™ has joined PI’s wealth of mobile solutions, bringing healthcare providers (HCPs) the power to refill their eSample closets online and on their mobile device.

Leveraging the Samples on Demand platform, this mobile enhanced-website allows HCPs to conveniently sign for their sample requests using their mobile device’s touch screen, eliminating the need to submit a fax to complete the request.

Tomorrow Networks™

Deliver your targeted messages to healthcare providers (HCPs) via mobile using the first-ever medical advertising network for HCPs.

eResource Centers™

Physicians can’t prescribe your brand if they don’t have easy access to all the information required to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with the illness/condition that your brand addresses. You need a solution that consolidates all the specialty medical texts, journal articles, CME, clinical news reports, product inserts, clinical tools, and much more to ensure physicians prescribe the value that your brand delivers.

Keyword Notification™

Events Planning Checklist

Contextual targeting increases your brand exposure via medical title links.

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Your branded resources interlinked to your HCP's trusted medical library.

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