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eResource Centers™ provide disease-specific decision support. Physicians can’t prescribe your brand if they don’t have easy access to all the information required to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with the illness/condition that your brand addresses. You need a solution that consolidates all the specialty medical texts, journal articles, CME, clinical news reports, product inserts, clinical tools, and much more to ensure physicians prescribe the value that your brand delivers.

Heighten Disease State Awareness, Influence Prescribing
eResource Centers are complete disease state learning platforms that precisely solve this problem. Our physician-led content team works with your brand team and medical opinion leaders to develop a tool of real value to physicians treating the specific disease for which your drug is indicated. This mobile repository provides physicians convenient access to all the authoritative medical references and tools they need when and where diagnosing and prescribing decision are made.

Keeping Content Fresh, Up-to-Date
Physicians receive content updates as new editions become available from the medical publishers, plus continuous new research findings, breaking news, journal articles, and CME. Your clinical brand messages are delivered via MedAlert brand news and ensure physicians have the most accurate and updated information available at their fingertips.

eResource Centers Can Train Sales Teams, Too
Your sales team often needs access to the same clinical resources so that they can engage physicians in meaningful dialogue and be knowledgeable advisors. A custom eResource Center can be created for your sales team or the same solutions can be delivered to both your team and your physicians.

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