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The same technology that allows HCPs to rapidly find critical medical solutions can go to work for your brand. SmartLink increases your brand exposure by linking the topics of your branded piece to trusted medical resources. Every time a physician researches your brand’s linked topic, they will be directed to your brand information through the power of Keyword Notification.

  • An Introduction to SmartLink
  • This industry-leading technology was developed to help physicians rapidly access medical information via interlinking medical resources at the “meta-medical” level
  • Medical specialists annotate every title in our medical library with the topics most relevant to physicians
  • Medical information specialists correlate the annotations to establish vital medical relationships between each of the titles
  • Physicians can begin research in any medical title and be directed to related topics in other medical titles installed on the device

Through the power of SmartLink, when you give a branded resource or new mobile medical title to your physician, you give not just a single new resource but, an entirely new extension of every previously installed title. Unlike standard mobile medical resources which expand linearly with each addition, the value of the library grows exponentially as each new resource increases the value of the entire installed base of medical information.

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